A performance platform to deliver your sound.

Acoustage is a performance stage for musicians and buskers. It provides natural acoustic amplification, is conveniently portable and gives musicians and buskers a digital platform to connect and engage with their audience.

Project team

Belinda Yang, Ornella Altobelli, Ronald Wong, Vishal Mandaliya


ACOUSTAGE provides a performance stage with acoustic amplification properties without the use of power. Our stage is easy to assemble, unique and connected to our digital platform

This platform is a channel for our customer to connect with audiences outside their performance.

Design Features

  • Acoustic amplification
  • Zero power requirement
  • Compactable and portable design
  • Connected to a digital platform

Design Idea

We explored tiling, origami folding and soft-shell structures to design a portable structure. We conducted acoustic testing using physical prototypes and digital simulation (ray tracing) to ensure our design provided acoustic amplification. Through rigorous testing, we decided on a modified Waterbomb origami pattern, which offered acoustic capabilities and ease of assembly. Locking hinges and fabric joints were added to the design to make it compactable and light.

1:1 Prototype

We also developed a portion of our design at a 1:1 scale to test the locking hinges, fabric joints and structural integrity of our designs. We also built a static prototype and invited a busker to perform at the final exhibition to test and showcase the acoustic amplification capabilities.


We supplement our design with two services. Firstly, we customise our performance stages to cater for public events. Secondly, we rent out Acoustage to provide for musicians who busk casually.


We can adjust our stage to provide shelter and amplify sounds for different purposes, such as weddings, public speaking events, theatre plays and music festivals.

Rent and Assemble

Customers can also rent existing Acoustage stored in major city centres. A travelling busker subscribed to Acoustage can rent a stage online, pick it up at a storage centre and deploy it conveniently.


Aside from renting, purchasing and customing an Acoustage from our app, the app provides our buskers with additional features such as profiling, mapping and sales. These features aim to increase the buskers’ exposure and take the hard work out of marketing. 


Every subscribed artist will have a public profile that shows where and when they are performing, the music genre they connect with and a sample of their music.


Audiences can follow their favourite buskers and see when and where they are performing on our maps. The audience can show continued support and introduce their friends to the buskers.

Sampling and Sales

The performers can sell their music on our platform. This removes the need for them to market their albums and expands their reach to everyone using our platform.

User Research

Busking is a globally recognized activity which provides a lively street culture, entertainment and diversity to the city streets. This is especially true in Melbourne, where buskers have become one of the main features of our CBD streets. However, the recent trial ban on amplifiers by the Melbourne City Council threatens this urban character.


recorded musical buskers in Melbourne.


of buskers require an amplifier for their performance.


recorded musical buskers in Australia.


professional buskers at the World Buskers Festival.

Market Entry

We use social media, online and physical marketing campaigns to create awareness and reach future customers.

Aim to inspire

We collect and showcase buskers performing in Acoustage on our social media channels to increase our brand awareness inspire performers to try our product.

Aim to convince

We will publish the performer’s review and offer tips about busking on our website. This is to establish us as an information-led organisation to gain the trust of our viewers.

Business Model

Our value proposition is a portable performance space with acoustic amplification properties. We have partnered with acoustic consultants to continuously improve the acoustic properties of our design. Our other partners are manufacturers of the frames and panels.

By customizing these stage spaces for different types of performers we realized that we could expand our target audience from buskers to generic performers and individuals requiring a stage. No longer are we limited to buskers but we can cater to many varieties and scales of performers.

Our mobile app platform gives us the demographics and location of the performers and their audiences, which are profitable resources to performers and city councils. We will be able to offer Melbourne City Council a real-time map of music street culture in Melbourne.

Thank You

Belinda Yang, Ornella Altobelli, Ronald Wong and Vishal Mandaliya.

Melbourne School of Design